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Butter and Honey We Shall Eat

Easter. Chocolate bunnies, dyed eggs, cleaning peeps out of a microwave: Food will be central to the celebration this Sunday. But that’s Sunday, let’s talk about Saturday first: 70 degrees for the first time this year. Our PSU Market is the place to show your holiday guests how Portland does food. We’ll host a 100 or so vendors selling everything you could possibly need for your holiday table, and to prove the bee is back, new vendors Honey Mama’s (raw cocoa treats sweetened with honey) Nectar Creek Honeywine along with PSU stalwart, Boyco honey.  Looking for the perfect hostess gift?  Early Mom and Hummingbird Farms both make their season debuts this week with colorful bouquets.

Gluten free dinner guests? Fret not,  Cascade Naturals, Queen of Hearts and Petunias will be on hand to help you feed all.

Tails & Trotters

Tails & Trotters Ham

Sexton Ranches has legs of lamb – studded with garlic and slow roasted on the grill, possibly served with polenta and DeNobles Carrots would rock anyone’s holiday table. SuDan, Deck, Draper Girls and Pine Mountain will also have lamb.

Equally traditional is the Easter ham. Tails & Trotters is offering their signature hazelnut finished ham, smoked over applewood. Or try Olympic Provisions Sweetheart Ham, so named because it’s a perfect size to share with your sweetie. Also good to win points with your sweetie, mashed potatoes.

Pescetarians – not a denomination, well in the traditional sense, can indulge with Linda Brand Crab or deliciousness from The Smokery. Want to veg out – Pasta Del Sol fresh pasta wrapped around sauteed chard and sheep’s milk cheese, like the good stuff from Willapa Hills like a lasagna for one; possibly two or more. Non cookers, check out The Farmer’s Feast Easter meal here.

Raab! Mushrooms! Flowers! Eggs everywhere. Did you forget about the 70 degree day? PSU begins at 8:30 and goes til 2. It’s on the Park Blocks on the PSU Campus. This may be the nicest weekend we get until later in April. Come join us, we will choose  good.


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Farmed and Foraged Spring Feast

By Chef Kathryn Yeomans, The Farmer’s Feast


Wild edibles at the Springwater Farm booth

Happy Spring!

Morels, miner’s lettuce, stinging nettles, rhubarb…fiddleheads soon!  The season promises delicious flavors – delicate, floral, tart, rich, bitter, savory & sweet.

We’re celebrating with a family-style farm-inspired supper featuring wild mushrooms, Tamworth heritage pork, foraged salad greens and Farmers’ Market fresh produce this Sunday, March 31st, and we’d love for you to join us.

Here are the menu & details:


Spring Inspired Starters
assorted crostini: morels, fromage blanc, soft herbs & spring delights
truffle butter bruschetta
fresh radishes with truffle butter and sea salt

Stinging Nettle Flan
with preserved heirloom tomato coulis

Brown Sugar-Cured Smoked Tamworth Pork Ham
with condiments & asparagus pickles
(fruit mostarda, mushroom catsup, green rhubarb chutney)
& wild mushroom potato gratin

Foraged Salad Greens
in a sprightly vinaigrette

Orange Chiffon Cake
with rhubarb-grapefruit glaze

Spring Nettle Flan

Stinging Nettle Flan


Location – Three Square Grill 6320 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, Oregon 97239
just around the corner from the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market
Time – There will be 2 arrival times – the first is 5:00-5:30, the second is 5:30-6:00.  Drinks & starters will be served during the arrival time, with dinner to follow.  If you prefer a particular time, please make that request.  Your arrival time will appear on your confirmation e-mail once you make a reservation.
Date – Sunday, March 31st
Price – All this for only $30 per person (excluding drinks & gratuity)

To reserve your seats, email Kathryn at wildeats@msn.com or call 503.734.4329

(NOTE: Please do not call the restaurant directly as we operate independently, just renting the space for events – day of event reservations can be made by phone, as I’ll be cooking & not checking e-mail on Sunday).

Vegetarian choices are available – please request if interested.

We were thrilled that the last dinner sold out…with a waiting list…and people coming to the door. Please ensure your place at the table by reserving early!

And as usual, I’ll be cooking up tasty samples at the Portland Farmer’s Market at the Springwater Farm booth this coming Saturday.  Come by, say hi, taste mushrooms!  As a special treat, there will be samples of the Tamworth heritage-breed pork (the pork that Roger raises for the dinners).

See you at the market!

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Kimchi Fried Rice with The Chois

Short, delicious OPB video with our friends the Chois from Choi’s Kimchi. Matt & Chong are at PSU for their 3rd season, their kimchi is awesome.

If the flash video is not showing up in your browser, the link labeled ‘watch’ will take you to OPB, where you can watch and grow hungry.

Watch Cook It at Home: Matt & Chong Choi’s Kimchi Fried Rice on PBS. See more from Arts and Life.

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Egyptian Eggs

By Elizabeth Miller of  the awesome Savory Salty Sweet Blog.IMG_8645

Somewhere right around the time at which you find yourself eating a 1-foot tall chocolate bunny while you simultaneously attempt to vacuum plastic Easter grass out of your living room rug, you will suffer an almost tragic realization about the state of your next few meals. Why, you ask? Well, remember a few days ago when you spent an afternoon dying eggs in anticipation of Easter? I almost hate to tell you this, but once Easter is over, you are actually going to have to eat those eggs. All two dozen of them.

Visions of Cool Hand Luke aside, it’s not all that difficult, in reality, to rid your house of a pile of hard-cooked eggs. The problem one encounters with all those eggs, once the salads have been made and the salt and pepper shakers have been exhausted, lies in a lack of variety. I’ve never been a fan of egg salads, though I am, admittedly, working on it, but I am a fan of eggs in general. Eggs are a great source of protein for those of us who don’t eat a great deal of meat, and I have found that a little ingenuity directed at an egg can yield wonderful results.

IMG_8651These delicious Egyptian eggs are a great example of what can happen when you take a few seemingly disparate elements and put them together in the name of creating something new. Though I swear by cooking scrambled eggs in pure butter, it had never occurred to me to sauté a hard-cooked egg in not just butter, but browned butter, that holiest of butter forms. Sprinkled with a good dose of warm spices and finished with a nutty coat of sesame seeds, these tasty little numbers are fit to keep you company all year long, lest you think you need to relegate them to Easter alone. I don’t know how they would taste with a gigantic chocolate rabbit, but on their own they are comfortingly rich, packed with flavor, and satisfying in almost every way imaginable.

Adapted from James McNair’s Breakfast

½ teaspoon sesame seedsIMG_8654

1/8 teaspoon ground cumin

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

1/8 teaspoon coriander

big pinch of sea salt

big pinch of freshly ground black pepper

2 tablespoons unsalted butter

2 hard-cooked eggs, peeled then cut in half lengthwise

In a medium skillet, toast sesame seeds over medium heat until golden, about 3 to 4 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.

In a small bowl, combine cumin, nutmeg, coriander, sea salt, and pepper, then set aside.

In the same skillet used to toast the sesame seeds, melt the butter over low heat. When the butter stops foaming, add the eggs, cut side down, and cook until the eggs begin to brown, about 5 minutes. Turn the eggs over, sprinkle with spice mixture, then continue to cook, turning and basting with the butter in the skillet, until browned all over, about 4 to 5 minutes more. Sprinkle the cut side of the eggs with toasted sesame seeds, then transfer eggs to a serving platter. Drizzle eggs with the seasoned butter from the skillet.IMG_8658

Serve hot.

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Oh, the Possibilities!

by Kelly Merrick 

Easter BouquetEven if you missed the opening of the 2013 PSU market and didn’t get to see Mayor Charlie Hales ring the opening bell, you didn’t miss your chance to get your hands on some delicious produce and locally-made goodies, because lucky for you the market now runs every Saturday until December with more than 100 vendors.

If you did miss last week’s market, hopefully you’ll be able to make it this weekend, because it’s the perfect opportunity to browse the vendors, both old and new, and start thinking about what you want to serve for Easter dinner.

Consider the possibilities:

  • Pick out your choice cut of meat for your main dish (if lamb is what you’re after, you may need to pre-order)
  • Imagine the many sides you can make to accompany your choice of meat or other main dish if you’re a veggie-holic like me
  • Salivate over the many dessert options, like pie, mousse and chocolate
  • Pick up some wine or cider to serve your guests
  • Scout out a beautiful centerpiece for your table

While you’re busy being inspired, don’t miss Enlighten Your Palate’s “enlightened creams” like chocolate mousse; and Pono Farms, who will be selling hot food adjacent to the booth where they sell pastured meats (I haven’t tried them, but word on the street is that their pulled pork sandwich and pork belly tacos are amazing).

Unfortunately, you’ll have to do without Lady Lane Farm’s milk and cream, because they’ll be out for a few weeks while their production increases. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on when we expect them back.

DSC_0133Regardless of who is at the market this week, it’s sure to be a good time, so bundle up and come on by! I hear it’s supposed to be chilly but dry.

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Saturday’s market opening had so much more than kale, it enticed former PFM Executive Director Ann Forsthoefel to PSU to enjoy the day. Ann is back in Portland still tirelessly working on keeping local foods local with her latest venture, aquaponics. Not hydroponics as in, you know, or hothouse tomatoes –  aquaponics is a fully enclosed system for raising food. Cooking up a Story profiled Ann about her new passion, watch below.

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Ron Finley says, “Gardening is my graffiti,” in this TED talk about guerilla gardening: H/T –  at the Slog.

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