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Pour Some Nossa

We are happy to welcome Nossa Familia to the Portland Farmers Market family this year.  You can find them each Saturday at the PSU Market, french-pressing and pouring over their family grown, locally roasted coffee.  Read on to learn more about their freshly brewed first retail location in the Pearl.

Nossa Familia Coffee, a local roaster in Northwest Portland, is opening their its first retail location, the Nossa Familia Espresso Bar.  Their coffee is sourced from the owner’s family’s farms in Brazil, hence the name Nossa Familia (Portuguese for “our family”).  This is the first coffee bar in the region (or country) where the coffee stays in the family from seed to cup, with no middlemen in between. The owner, Augusto Carneiro, grew up in Brazil where his family has been growing coffee since the 1890’s.  In 2005, Augusto founded Nossa Familia Coffee, which imports, roasts and now brews his family’s coffee.

“This is where the magic happens,” says Augusto, “my family has been growing coffee for more than a century in Brazil and I am so proud to showcase the fruits of their labor.  At our Espresso Bar our customers will experience what we do from seed to cup.”

Nossa Familia will also feature some uniquely Brazilian items such as traditional Brazilian small cheese rolls (known in Brazil as ‘pão de queijo’), a gluten-free savory pastry that pairs deliciously with espresso drinks.

The Nossa Familia Espresso Bar located at 811 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, Oregon, sharing space with the company’s roasting facility.

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. ,  Saturday, 8;00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and closed on Sunday.

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Pizza here

2013 NE Alberta Ave

Early last month, Via Chicago, expanded their empire from the Portland State Farmers Market, to a storefront on NE Alberta. In addition to serving food at Saturday’s PSU Market, Via Chicago is now offering their familiar pizza, along with panini, salads, Chicago style Italian Beefs and pizza’s side kick, beer: on tap and in bottles.

Tonya & Kevin

By opening their shop at 2013 NE Alberta Ave, Via Chicago’s Kevin Reynolds and Tonya Mayhew, join 40+ vendors who started with Portland Farmers Market before expanding into bricks and mortar locations. PFM Operations Director, Jaret Foster adds, “Congratulations to Via Chicago. At PFM, we pride ourselves on being incubators for small businesses, and Tonya and Kevin had the vision, hard work and passion to launch their business and get their doors open. We’re proud of their accomplishments and excited for their success. I can’t wait to try a Via Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich .”

Despite going with a Chicago style theme, Via has found away to keep it local by sourcing foods from fellow Marketeers – Chop,  seasonal produce from various farms and bread from PFM alum, Grand Central Bakery. By using Bob’s Red Mill flours and Seattle’s Isernio’s Sausage, NE Alberta is well on it’s way to being Chicago West.

They’re open seven days a week, including late night s on Friday & Saturday, you can check out Via Chicago’s menu here or if you have a craving for an authentic honest-to-Chicago Italian beef, you can call your order in now at 503.719.6809 – don’t worry about having to stop for beer, Via has a cooler so NEers and Chicago style lovers can pick-up a 6 pack to go.


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We’ve got pumpkins on the mind. Kabocha, sweet dumpling, delicata, butternut and red kuri too.  But back to those pumpkins…

This weekend at our PSU Market we’ll be holding our annual Great Pumpkin Event.  This year’s  festivities include the ever-popular pumpkin carving contest with prizes for the best adult and child carvings. The pumpkin carving contest runs from 9:00am-noon (or while supplies last) and awards will be announced at 12:30 at the music stage.  The winning child will receive a basket of market goodies and the adult carving winner will receive $130 in Organic Valley coupons.

Costumes are encouraged for vendors and shoppers, plus there will be a children’s costume parade around the north block of the market, with market goody bags for all participants.  To join the parade, just gather at the information booth at noon.

Organic Valley, our Great Pumpkin Event Sponsor, will be at the market sampling organic grassmilk at their booth.  When you stop by, you can also meet Melissa Collman of Cloud Cap Dairy, one of the local farms that provide milk for Organic Valley.

In addition to all those pumpkins and squashes, you will also find other seasonal delights like chestnuts both fresh and roasted at Cascadia Chestnuts, ruby red cranberries at Eagle Organic Cranberries and ridiculously good raw, roasted and chocolate-covered hazelnuts at La Mancha Orchard.  For a taste of the unusual, La Mancha also has winter melon, while Groundwork Organics grows fresh ginger and Rayblest Farm offers locally grown lemongrass.

This Sunday is our last regular King Market of the season–though King marketgoers take note: all your favorite vendors will be reconvening once again for a special Thanksgiving Harvest Market on Sunday, November 18th, where you can pick up everything you need for your locavore holiday table.  This weekend though, there will be plenty of pumpkins for pies and carving, apples, pears, wild mushrooms, leeks, Brussels sprouts and other autumnal goodness.

Now it’s time for some shout outs.  We are in constant awe of how hard our vendors work to bring us beautiful food each week and we proud of their many accomplishments.  Here are a few things we’d love to share with you:

Chef Kathryn serving it up at the market

Chef Kathryn Yeomans works with Springwater Farm at the market each week, dispensing samples, kitchen wisdom and, now, hot soups from the adjacent Soup Annex.  She also does regular pop-up dinners that feature ingredients both farmed and foraged by Springwater Farm.  On a recent tour of Portland’s food scene, GQ Magazine’s food critic, Alan Richman, had the pleasure of eating at one of Chef Kathryn’s pop-up dinners and here’s what he had to say about it:

“My most delightful meal was a pop-up lunch that fortuitously took place while I was in town…Among the best dishes, as noteworthy as any I ate in Portland, were bruschetta topped with morels poached in Chenin Blanc, stinging nettle flan with tomato-coulis, and, best of all, verging on magnificent, an assemblage of morel mushrooms with poached eggs and roasted asparagus…That was the finest and, for that matter, the most iconic vegetable dish I ate. It wasn’t just Portland food. It was idealized Portland food, the kind I thought I would find in every restaurant but did not. This was a glorification of farm, field, woods, and wild.”

Wow.  Congrats to Chef Kathryn and Springwater Farm for the lavish and well-deserved praise!  If you want to see what all the fuss is about, do as Alan Richman did and visit one of their pop up collaboration dinners, like this Pozole and Taco night next Monday.  We love pozole here at PFM (see this pozole post by our Senior Market Manager, Jaret Foster) so we’ll see you there!

Two of our vendors have also opened new bricks-and-mortar stores.  Fressen Bakery recently opened in the former home to Black Sheep Bakery (also a PFM vendor).  Now fans of their exceptional baked goods can satisfy carb cravings six days a week.  In addition to their stellar line-up of rustic European breads and pastries, they are also selling sandwiches, frittatas and what sounds like the world’s best pig in a blanket, featuring an Olympic Provisions frankfurter wrapped in their famous pretzel bread.

Pie lovers rejoice!  Market darling Lauretta Jean’s has opened a second location on Division in the former Pix Patisserie location.  Here you will find the sweet and savory pies you fell in love with at the market, as well as coffee service, soups, salads and sandwiches–all served in a space as charming as baker Kate McMillen herself.

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What do the kids eat these days? In my day, it was PB & J on white bread; cut diagonal. The diagonal was very, very important for reasons I can’t even guess at now. And there were  chips and Little Debbie’s. It’s okay though, all the parents did that back then, plus I grew up to love all kinds of food and have been known to eat a sandwiches that are square/rectangular.

An item both the packers of lunches and the eaters of lunches can agree on is fruit. While PFM fruit looks like other fruit and won’t draw untoward attention for your little foodist’s lunch choices, it tastes so much better, they’ll crave, they’ll eat, they won’t complain about it being in their lunch bag. Bring the kids and let them pick their own fruit for the upcoming week.

Not just for kids anymore either: I’ve been eating peaches, mostly – sometimes nectarines – in the afternoon, it’s so much better than a trip to the vending machine.

We are in the last month for Friday’s Kenton, Thursday’s Buckman & NW, and Monday’s Pioneer Square Markets. Go often and enjoy. Wednesday’s Shemanski and Sunday’s King go through October. PSU RUNS UNTIL THE SATURDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. (Sorry about the CAP/bold thing, but it’s actually pretty effective – try it in the subject line of the next email you send, it’ll get read.)

Speaking of PSU, the Healthetarians, who are like vegetarians, but for health, are at PSU this Saturday. The Healthetarians, these Healthetarians, are all about inspiring the next generation of healthy eaters – they will have recipes and activities – stop by or visit their website at www.healthetarians.org.

Also PSU/School lunches, Dave’s Killer Bread will be on hand Saturday. Need sandwich ideas, last month DKB was on hand at PSU to celebrate their 7th breadiversary – inviting local restauranteurs to make sandwiches. Video below. 

Also like Dave’s Killer Bread, Verde Cocina who are at Saturday’s market, have grown. They now have a bricks and mortar location, you can read a review of it here.

Closing – A few weeks ago, the Oregon Department of Agriculture pushed through a rule allowing canola to be planted in the valley. You can read about why this is problematic here. Despite the adminstrative rule, we can, for the time being, score one for the good fight, according to Friends of Family Farmers, “Oregon Court of Appeals agreed with the arguments set forth by Friends of Family Farmers and four other plaintiffs, finding it very likely that the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s (ODA’s) temporally rule is invalid.” The fight over canola in the valley is far from over, more details are available here from FFF.

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Northwest Market. Photo by Amy Nieto.

Portland Farmers Market has long had a market in Northwest Portland, but circumstances caused us to play musical chairs with the location a few times.  Now enjoying its second season in a tree-lined lot across from Trinity Cathedral, our Northwest Market has truly found a home and is becoming the community focal point we always envisioned it would be.

As with all other Portland Farmers Market locations, Northwest Market shoppers eligible for SNAP benefits are able to receive $1 tokens using their Oregon Trail Card to purchase fresh local food. Additionally, SNAP recipients can receive a dollar-for-dollar match (up to $7) through Fresh Exchange, a program of Farmers Market Fund.

Our Northwest Market is located at the corner of NW 19th and Everett and runs through September on Thursday afternoons from 3-7pm.  Farmers and food artisans are waiting to fill your market basket with produce, meat, eggs, cheese, wine, baked goods, flowers and more.  You can read more about our vendors in these NW Examiner articles profiling Serious Business Pastries (pg. 27), La Terra Vita and Ravenhill Farms (pg. 24), and Winters Farms (pg. 18).

If you still have yet to swing by this bustling market, here are several reasons why you shouldn’t wait a moment longer:

The lovely Anna Curtin always draws a crowd on Senior Bingo days

Senior Bingo!

When: Third Thursday of each month

What: Seniors are invited to stop by and learn more about the market, then join our very own Anna Curtin for a rousing game of fruit & veggie bingo (6 rounds, running from 3-6pm), complete with prizes from market vendors.  Recent prizes have included peaches, eggs, berries, corn, squash, potatoes, cheese and tomatoes.  Come early to snag a coveted seat and vote on what market prizes you’d like to win!

You could win this! Photo by Amy Nieto

Portlandivore Program

When: Drawing takes place the last market of each month

What: This frequent shopper promotion gives shoppers who visit the market three times a month the chance to enter to win a basket of $30 worth of market goodies. Stop by the Information Booth to pick up your card, have it initialed each time you come to the market and turn it in to market staff on or before the last Thursday of the month.

Coffee + ice = nice. Thank you World Cup.

Taste the Place

When: Second Thursday of each month

What: Nearby restaurants and cafes visit the market to meet their neighbors and sample their wares. In September, stop by to see what tempting treat Touché Restaurant will bring to market.  Past visitors have included Elephants Deli, who offered strawberry shortcakes made with sweet market berries and World Cup Coffee & Tea, who refreshed shoppers with samples of iced coffee.  Our star NW volunteer Barb Skinner writes about World Cup’s visit below.

Taste the Place: World Cup Coffee & Tea

By Barb Skinner

The iced Brazilian roast with floral accents drew thirsty and un-caffeinated market shoppers to the World Cup Coffee booth at the NW Market in July. Thankful smiles and many comments on the “delicious coffee” that “wasn’t too acidic” followed the free samples.

World Cup Coffee is a Portland gem – offering so much more than a delightful staff and quintessential Portland coffee shop environment to our neighborhood for over 20 years. They also have a roasting operation which provides complete coffee services to local businesses – espresso machine rental and repair, coffee beans, etc – as well as roasting for espresso and whole bean sales in their NW and Powell’s City of Books locations.

The differences in local roasting and conventional roasting are most notable for the length of time the coffee sits on the shelf before purchase (days or weeks vs. multiple months).  Small batch, local roasting offers fresh beans with optimal retention of moisture and flavor.

A big thanks to World Cup for their support of Portland Farmers Market and local, sustainable business practices!

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Potatoes & Peaches

On Saturday, the PSU Market is moving one block south for one week only. The occasion? You’d think it was because the shade was better, but alas, we are moving a block closer to California to accomodate the newly minted PSU graduates – Congratulations on your accomplishment and warning to Market goers wondering why there is no line this week at Pine State, or why there is no Pine State, just head down south a block.

Kenton is today. Kenton has shade. Kenton Market shares a corner with Kenton Station and they have cold, cold beer. It’s cold and it’s beer and it’s Friday. Kenton Market has tacos, salsas, fresh fruit and FOOD WAVES. Kenton is every Friday between 3-7 at N. Denver and McClellan. It’s the Kenton Max Stop, there are bike lanes, it’s not northbound I-5 on a Friday afternoon (hop off on the Lombard exit, right on Denver and drive until you hit the Market, which you could, because it’s literally on Denver, but park before then, shop, enjoy the Kenton neighborhood, wait for the traffic to clear up and the heat to drop before heading home.

La Terra Spuda

They Do Rock. It’s just a coincidence they
look like an intricate rock sculpture.

La Terra Vita, it means the good earth. Grower Art Poulos is no liar – Everything I get from La Terra is delicious, priced great (especially considering the quality) and each purchase supports a family farm. All good reasons to buy and then there are the potatoes. I believe I claimed ‘they rock” in a tweet, even with more than 140 characters, I’m not sure I’m going to do any better. The potatoes are just so very good. Stop by PSU (or NW on Thursday) and talk to Art about the varieties he sells. Or visit the farm virtually by reading this post from Friend of the Market, Elizabeth Miller.

Also at PSU, Goldin Artisan Cheese will be at PSU every other week beginning this Saturday. The Markets rockin’ Anna tells me, “Cherry tomatoes & melons from Gardenripe are AH-mazing. Also corn from GTF – it was supremely sweet & buttery last week” BTW, GTF is Gathering Together Farm. And you’d think it was a cliche, but steak goes really well with potatoes, Sexton Ranches is across from La Terra and Temptress Truffles is squeezed in there. Or if you like the other side of the Market better, Springwater, Deck Family and Twist Wines will make for a fine dinner too. Stop and talk to the Healthetarians as you cross from one side of the Market to the other – they’ll be sample market produce.

King is King. Sunday’s 10-2; NE 7th and Wygant. Tomatoes. So many tomatoes. And Basil and bread and tomatoes, come to think of it, the King Market is a giant Panzanella Salad waiting to happen. And/or if you want to grill, the Decks will be there.

Deck the Grill

Last thing, peaches. I had 4 peaches for dinner the other night because it was just too [darn] hot to make a sandwich, let alone eat one. It was easily the best meal I’ve had since I had some of Art’s potatoes.

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If things a feel a little different this week, it’s not the heat, it’s national Farmers Market Week. 

It might be the heat too.

The USDA announced that due to demand, the number of Farmers Markets have grown by 9.6% in 2012. The combination of high-quality produce and crafted foods, a traditional market place to meet family, friends & neighbors, a chance to directly support local farmers and innovative programs like Fresh Exchange that make local foods available to all of Portland’s residents have fueled this growth.

PFM isn’t celebrating with any specific events, since every week is a Farmers Market week to us. However, we’d like to thank (always) the people who work so very hard to grow and make our foods, along with everyone who supports local agriculture. We’d also encourage you to use the occasion of Farmers Market Week to check out the good work our friends at the Farmers Market Coalition do to promote local agriculture and thanks also to Governor Kitzhaber for the helping promote agriculture in Oregon – link the proclamation below. Personally, I’m celebrating with a peach, one so big it might make Roald Dahl’s James a little envious.




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